Albania at 100

Staff of the Albanian Embassy

Diplomats, parliamentarians and friends of Albania joined the Chargé d’Affaires Mr Mal Berisha to celebrate the country’s Centenary at the magnificent Corinthia Hotel, the very site of the London Conference of Ambassadors where in 1912-13 the Treaty of London was signed, recognising Albania’s independence.
In his Centenary Celebration address, Mr Berisha thanked Britain for its role in establishing a sovereign Albanian state: “We think that without the help of Great Britain, the recognition of the Albanian State in its current territory might have been impossible.”
Some Albanian lands remained outside this territory and Mr Berisha was keen to thank the UK through its role in Nato for coming to the aid of Albanians throughout the Balkan region, notably in Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.
In its first hundred years, the Albanian nation has faced wars and tyranny, but the outlook for the country is overwhelmingly positive, said Mr Berisha. “Albania and Albanians are still not at the stage that they want to be, but we have never been better than today. This is a day of reflection, inspiration and motivation to move toward a better future.” Read more….